Few technical constraints are imposed, however there are some.

🔥 What is forbidden 🔥

Never duplicate a product created by the app : it won't be taken into account by our system if a customer placed an order.
Don't delete "SKUs", don't modify them.
Don't change the type of product.
Don't delete a product you want to order or put on sale.

Neon colors

Whatever the medium, neon colors are to be avoided : neon colors are not printable. If you send a file with embedded fluorescent colors, we will print with the closest rendition.

White supports (or very clear)

On white supports (clothes or accessories) as well as on very light supports (beige ...) the white is never printed.
Whether on a white t-shirt, a white mug or a white tote bag, white text will never be printed.

Black on black

For visual reasons, the black color will never be printed on a black textile : it is the color of the textile that will replace theink.

The color space

In order to guarantee an impression as close as possible to the representation that you have on the screen, thank you to create and export your files in RGB, our machines are calibrated to work in this color space.

Picture quality

The higher the resolution of your image, the more you will be assured of a well detailed product.  
Regarding the dimensions of your visuals, be sure to send files of at least 2000 pixels wide (and 5000 pixels maximum), in 150 DPI : the rendering will be perfect.
However, even if our printers allow us a very precise rendering of your visuals, the textile is less defined than a sheet of paper: micro-details may not appear properly.

That's it, it's over. We do not ask you a lot of constraints, right ?
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