Place a manual order? Why?  
Mainly for 2 reasons:

The first one is to be able to order yourself a product, a sample

The second is to re-place an order for one of your customers: for a size problem for instance, you can re-order the article directly.

Please note that we offer a 10% discount, valid once (when you want) on an entire order.

If you cancel an order before it is put into production, you will not be charged for it.

🔥 With manual order, you will not receive the order and shipping notification emails, this is perfectly normal.


On T-Pop app menu, click on "Orders" / "Direct order / samples"


Choose the product(s) and variant(s) you want to order.

Please note we offer a 10% discount on samples, this offer can be used one time only.

Then, fill the shipping info fields, and click on "Submit order"


Simply click on "Create the order" and that's it.
Your order will now be visible on the app and will be processed as a classical order.

More details about invoicing

Inside the Shopify dashboard, the order will be shown as a free order, because a 100% discount will be applied: this avoid you to "bill yourself".

Inside the T-Pop app, the order will show the amount that you will be billed for when the order will be put in production.
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