Branding option: logo on package

We like you very much, you know it, so we decided to offer you this great way to work on your brand image (branding): we offer you to put your logo on your parcels.

The cherry on the cake? This option is free.

Simply tick the box corresponding to the add of the logo on the package and voilĂ , your customers will discover a beautiful package in their box, proudly displaying your logo.  

It's an important branding detail, customers will not forget this kind of presentation effort.

On the package label, the logo is printed in black and white, don't forget it.

Logo instructions

Your logo must be positioned in an image no more than 800 pixels wide and 600 pixels high. Remember to crop the transparency around it, so that it is as visible as possible.

You can download a template by clicking on this link (remember to remove the explanatory layer).