How to merge multiple products?

Product merging is the process of combining several products on the same page.

This allows you to create a product with different visuals (for example white text on black products and black text on white products) on the same product page.

This also allows you to combine certain products on the same page: you can create a " Mug" page with a particular design and propose the ceramic variant with the enamel variant.

You cannot create a product with several variants of the same color. ie. Yyou cannot create a white t-shirt with 2 different visuals.

Create first product

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Then, on top dashboard top menu click on " Products"

Click on " merge products" .

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Choose the merge behavior

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Other example with 2 different mugs

Note, that in this case, a new " Product" dropdown appears with product name (you can edit the product name directly in Shopify by clicking on the variant name).

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